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Fifth Grade Music 2017-2018

Welcome to Fifth Grade Elementary Vocal Music~

Your Fifth Grader will sing and/or play alone and with others, using good posture and breath control, a varied repertoire of music representing diverse genres and cultures with appropriate dynamics, expression and tempo.  They will differentiate between melody and harmony as well as describe how expressive music elements determine the quality of a composition.

Your Fifth Grader will demonstrate how music communicates meaning through text, feelings, moods or images. They will identify, listen and respond to music of different composers.  They will focus on world music and the many unique cultures that cultivate such different and wondrous sounds.

Your Fifth Grader will study the art of Musicology in 2016-2017.  Musicology (from Greek-μουσική (mousikē), meaning "music", and -λογία (-logia), meaning "study of-") is the scholarly study of music and its components, which will include: the history of and cultural significance of repertoire to be studied.  The students will become avid listeners to all genres of music, with specific focus on contemporary music, and its role in their lives.

MusicFirst is a new software program that all 5th grade music students will be able to use as they learn more about music terminology, different instruments of the orchestra, world music and early ear and vocal training.

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