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Fourth Grade Music-2017-2018

Welcome to Fourth Grade Elementary Vocal Music~

Your Fourth Grader will continue to explore the world of music and understand its connection to other areas of study. They will identify and participate in partner songs. Sing and learn about music from other cultures.  Demonstrate how music communicates meaning of text, feelings and moods or images.

Your Fourth Grader will delve in to the lives of various composers.  They will study musicians from the past as well as contemporary composers.  Identify, listen and respond to music of different composers, genres.  They will describe ways that music serves as an expression in regional cultures.

Your Fourth Grader will recognize and use the head voice to produce a light, clear sound employing breath support and maintaining appropriate posture.  Read, write and perform using rhythms in duple meter.  They will demonstrate elements of music using developmentally appropriate vocabulary and music terms.  They will participate in developmentally appropriate music activities.

MusicFirst is a new software program that all 4th grade music students will be able to use as they learn more about music terminology, different instruments of the orchestra, world music and early ear and vocal training.

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